Danny Deckchair

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Danny Deckchair ★★ 2003 (PG-13)

Danny Morgan (Ifans), an eccentric dreamer and cement-truck driver, has just discovered his realtor girlfriend Trudy (Clarke) is dating one of her clients. Well, as any young man faced with this knowledge would do, he attaches giant helium balloons to a lawn chair and flies away. Faster than you can say “99 Luftballoons” he crashes in the backyard of Glenda (Otto), a small town parking cop who is lonely and frustrated with love. Typical of such premises, they fall in love in an endearing fashion. Despite unoriginal script and enormous plot holes, Aussie comedy is mainly watchable due to its two romantic leads. 99m/C VHS, DVD . AU Rhys Ifans, Miranda Otto, Justine Clarke, Rhys Muldoon, Rod Zuanic, Maggie Dence, Jeanette Cronin, Frank Magree, Andrew Phelan, Andrew Batchelor, Jules Sobotta, Alan Flower, Michelle Boyle, Jane Bed-dows, Alex Mann; D: Jeff Balsmeyer; W: Jeff Bal-smeyer; C: Martin McGrath; M: David Donaldson, Janet Roddick, Steve Roche.