Dancing at the Blue Iguana

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Dancing at the Blue Iguana ★★½ 2000 (R)

These “dancers” are strippers at the titular San Fernando Valley club and their interwoven stories comprise the plot. Stormy (Kelley) is the tough veteran with the questionable past; Angel (Hannah) is sweet but dumb; Jo (Tilly) must deal with an unplanned pregnancy; Jasmine (Oh) is an aspiring poet; and Jesse (Ayanna) is an over-eager newcomer. Eddie (Wisdom) presides over the establishment and has his own demons. Much of the film was improvised in workshops and rehearsals. 123m/C VHS, DVD . Sheila Kelley, Daryl Hannah, Sandra Oh, Jennifer Tilly, Charlotte Ayanna, Robert Wisdom, Elias Koteas, Vladimir Mashkov, W. Earl Brown, Chris Hogan, Rodney Rowland, Kristin Bauer; D: Michael Radford; W: David Linter, Michael Rad-ford; C: Ericson Core; M: Tal Bergman, Renato Neto.