Dancing Lady

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Dancing Lady ★★½ 1933

Rarely seen film is MGM's answer to “42nd Street,” with Crawford as a small-time hoofer trying to break into Broadway. The screen debuts of Astaire and Eddy. Look for none other than the Three Stooges as stage hands. ♫Everything I Have Is Yours; Heigh-Ho! The Gang's All Here; Hold Your Man; That's the Rhythm of the Day; My Dancing Lady; Let's Go Bavarian; Hey Young Fella. 93m/B VHS, DVD . Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Fred Astaire, Franchot Tone, Nelson Eddy, Ted Healy, Moe Howard, Curly Howard, Larry Fine, May Robson, Robert Benchley, Eve Arden; D: Robert Z. Leonard; W: P.J. Wolfson, Allen Rivkin, Zelda Sears; C: Oliver Marsh; M: Richard Rodgers, Burton Lane, Jimmy McHugh.