Daisy Kenyon

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Daisy Kenyon ★★½ 1947

Daisy (Crawford) finally gets fed up when married lover Dan (Andrews) keeps breaking his promises. She decides to move on with kind war vet Peter (Fonda) and they get married. Despite this, Dan stays in touch with Daisy, and his wife (Warwick) finally figures things out and gets a divorce. Now a free man, Dan wants Daisy for himself but does she go to him or stay with the decent guy? Crawford can suffer with the best of 'em but Andrews' character is pretty much a heel. 99m/C DVD . Joan Crawford, Dana Andrews, Henry Fonda, Peggy Ann Garner, Ruth Warwick, Martha Stewart, Connie Marshall, Nicholas Joy; D: Otto Preminger; W: David Hertz; C: Leon Shamroy; M: David Raskin.