Daddy Day Camp

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Daddy Day Camp ★ 2007 (PG)

Is it still a sequel if the cast is nearly all new? In this sequel to “Daddy Day Care,” Charlie Hinton (Gooding, Jr.) and buddy Phil (Rae) have finished their second year as owners of Daddy Day Care. Charlie's son Ben (Bridges) is about to attend summer day camp, but Charlie's trauma from his own childhood camp experience makes him put the kibosh on Ben's plans for uber-cool Camp Canola. Yep, Ben will relive his dad's past at scrappy Camp Driftwood—except the long-neglected Driftwood is about to be put to rest. It's daddies to the rescue as Camp Driftwood is resurrected (sort-of) and the bumbling pops try not to make a flop of their kids' summers (trying equally hard not to kill anyone in the process). Embarrassing and dreadfully predictable. 93m/C DVD, Blu-ray Disc . US Cuba Gooding Jr., Lochlyn Munro, Richard Gant, Spencir Bridges, Paul Rae, Josh McLer-ran, Tamala Jones, Brian Doyle-Murray, Talon G. Ackerman; D: Fred Savage; W: David N. Weiss, Geoff Rodkey, J. David Stern; C: Geno Salvatori; M: James Dooley. Golden Raspberries '07: Worst Sequel/Prequel.