Dad Savage

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Dad Savage ★★ 1997 (R)

Strange British crime pic told in flashbacks. Dad Savage (Stewart) is an East Anglia gangster who grows tulips and has a fondness for country music and dressing like a cowboy. His son Sav (Wood) works for him and his right-hand man is H (McKidd). H tells fellow criminals Vic (Warren) and Bob (McFadden) that Dad has a stash of cash buried in a deserted house in the nearby woods. Dad finds out his workers are double-crossing him and there's hell to pay for everyone concerned. 104m/C VHS . GB Patrick Stewart, Kevin McKidd, Joseph McFadden, Jake Wood, Marc Warren, Helen McCrory; D: Betsan Morris-Evans; W: Steven Williams; C: Gavin Finney; M: Simon Boswell.