Craats, Rennay

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CRAATS, Rennay

CRAATS, Rennay. Canadian, b. 1973. Genres: Area studies, History, Sports/Fitness, Travel/Exploration. Career: Freelance writer and editor for institutions including the Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Catholic School Board. Publications: Canada through the Decades: The 1970s, 2000; Canada through the Decades: The 1940s, 2000; Canada through the Decades: The 1910s, 2000; Living Science: The Science of Fire, 2000; Living Science: The Science of Sound, 2000; Great Canadian Prime Ministers, 2000; Twentieth-Century U.S.A.: History of the 1900s, 2002; Canadian Provinces: Quebec, 2002; Canadian Cities: Toronto, 2002; E.B. White, 2002; Roald Dahl, 2002; Canadian History: Canada in the Global Age, 2003; American Cities: New Orleans, 2003; War and Peace: The American Civil War, 2003. FOR THE LOVE OF… SERIES: Baseball, 2001; Basketball, 2001; Karate, 2002; Judo, 2002; Skateboarding, 2002; Snowboarding, 2002; Cycling, 2002; In-line Skating, 2002. AMERICAN STATES … SERIES: Indiana, 2001; Arizona, 2002; Illinois, 2002; New Mexico, 2002; New Hampshire, 2002; Maryland, 2002; Michigan, 2002. Contributor to periodicals. Address: 331 Citadel Hills Place NW, Calgary, AB, Canada T3G 2X1. Online address: [email protected]