Color of Justice

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Color of Justice ★★ 1997

A political circus ensues after a suburban white woman is killed by four black teens. Betty Gainer (Pelikan) is forced to stop behind a stolen car and is killed by the teens in the struggle that follows. Manhattan D.A. Jim Sullivan (Abraham) insists on trying the four as adults, while court-appointed attorney Sam Lind (Hirsch) blames the cops, and media savvy black minister Walton (Hines) plays the race card. Meanwhile, Gainer's husband Frank (Davison) becomes increasingly frustrated as his wife's death seems to be forgotten. 95m/C VHS . F. Murray Abraham, Judd Hirsch, Gregory Hines, Bruce Davison, Lisa Pelikan, Saul Rubinek, Mark L. Taylor, Gloria Carlin, Mia Korf, Dule Hill, Eugene Byrd, Malcolm Goodwin; D: Jeremy Paul Kagan; W: Lionel Chetwynd; C: Steven Poster; M: Michel Colombier. CABLE

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Color of Justice

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