Color Me Kubrick

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Color Me Kubrick ★½ 2005

Malkovich swans about in outrageous attire and attitude as con man Alan Conway, who made his way to London in the early 1990s and passed himself off as reclusive director Stanley Kubrick despite knowing nothing about filmmaking. The con man was after money and sex, which he was given by the flattered and gullible who were too embarrassed to press charges when they'd discovered they'd been had (much to the real Kubrick's frustration). A bit of silly fluff. 86m/C DVD . GB FR John Malkovich, Jim Davidson, Richard E. Grant, Luke Mably, Terence Rigby, James Dreyfus, Peter Bowles, Leslie Phillips, William Hootkins; D: Brian Cook; W: Anthony Frewin; C: Howard Atherton; M: Bryan Adams.