Civic Duty

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Civic Duty ★★½ 2006 (R)

Terry Allen (Krause) has lost his job, and now spends his days at home while his wife goes to work. Eventually he begins obsessing over a middleeastern looking neighbor who he begins to believe is a terrorist. Soon he's driving off his wife, annoying the FBI, and watching media hype about the 'terrorist threat' to our country. And stalking his neighbor, who may or may not be what he seems. Take it seri ously and you may begin to wonder what those gophers in your yard are up to… 98m/C DVD . US Peter Krause, Richard Schiff, Kari Matchett, Ian Tracey, Khaled Abol Naga, Mark Brandon, Val Cole, Brenda Crichlow, Agam Darshi, P. Lynn Johnson; D: Jeff Renfroe; W: Andrew Joiner; C: Dylan MacLeod; M: Terry Huud, Eli Krantzberg.