The City of Lost Children

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The City of Lost Children ★★★ La Cite des Enfants Perdus 1995 (R)

Weird notforthekiddies fairytale finds crazed inventor Krank (Emilfork) getting his evil oneeyed minions, the appropriately named Cyclops, to kidnap local children so that he can steal their dreams (because Krank himself is incapable of dreaming). The latest victim is young Denree (Lucien), the adopted brother of sideshow strongman One (Perlman), who singlemindedly pursues a way to get Denree back—aided by nineyearold feral child Miette (Vittet) and a band of orphan thieves. Freaks galore with avantgarde designer JeanPaul Gaultier in charge of costumes. French with subtitles or dubbed. 114m/C VHS, DVD . FR Marc Caro, Ron Perlman, Daniel Emilfork, Joseph Lucien, Judith Vittet, Dominique Pinon, JeanClaude Dreyfus, Odile Mallet, Genevieve Brunet, Mireille Mosse; D: JeanPierre Jeunet, Marc Caro; W: JeanPierre Jeunet, Marc Caro, Gilles Adrien; C: Darius Khondji; M: Angelo Badalamenti; V: JeanLouis Trintignant. Cesar '96: Art Dir./Set Dec.

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The City of Lost Children

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