Chwast, Seymour

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CHWAST, Seymour

CHWAST, Seymour. American, b. 1931. Genres: Children's fiction, Adult non-fiction, Illustrations. Career: Graphic artist, designer, and illustrator, 1956-; New York Times, junior designer; worked for Esquire, House and Garden, and Glamour magazines; Push Pin Studios, NYC, founding partner, originator and director of studio publication, Push Pin Graphic, 1956-80, studio director, 1975-82; Pushpin, Lubalin, Peckolick Inc., NYC, partner, 1982-86; Pushpin Group, president and director, 1982-. Cooper Union Art School, NYC, instructor of design and illustration, 1975-81; Parsons School of Design, visiting lecturer; has had exhibitions and one-man shows worldwide. Publications: SELF-ILLUSTRATED FOR CHILDREN: (with M.S. Moskof) Still Another Alphabet Book, 1969; (with Moskof) Still Another Number Book, 1971; Still Another Children's Book, 1972; (with Moskof), Flip-Flap Limerickricks, 1972; Flip Flap Mother Goooooose, 1972; Bushy Bride: Norwegian Fairy Tale, 1983; Tall City, Wide Country: A Book to Read Forward and Backward, 1983; The Alphabet Parade, 1991; Paper Pets: Make Your Own Three Dogs, Two Cats, One Parrot, One Rabbit, One Monkey, 1993; The Twelve Circus Rings, 1993; Mr. Merlin and the Turtle, Books, 1996. OTHER: The Book of Battles, 1957; (with D.J.R. Bruckner and S. Heller) Art against War: 400 Years of Protest in Art, 1984; (selfillustrated) The Left-Handed Designer, 1985; (self-illustrated) Happy Birthday Bach, 1985; (with D. Barthelme) Sam's Bar, 1987; (with S. Heller) Graphic Style: From Victorian to Post-Modern, 1988; (with B. Cohen and S. Heller) Trylon and Perisphere: The 1939 New York World's Fair, 1989; (with V.G. Levi and S. Heller) You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby: Baby Pictures of the Stars, 1992; (self-illustrated) Bra Fashions by Stephanie, 1994; (with S. Heller) Jackets Required: An Illustrated History of the American Book Jacket 1920-1950, 1995; (with J. Fraser and S. Heller) Japanese Modern: Graphic Design between the Wars, 1996. DESIGNER: Connoisseur Book of the Cigar, 1967; The Illustrated Cat, 1976; The Illustrated Flower, 1977. EDITOR: (with J-C Suares) The Literary Cat, 1977; (and comp. with S. Heller) The Art of New York, 1983; (and comp. with B. Cohen and S. Heller) New York Observed: Artists and Writers Look at the City, 1650 to the Present, 1987; (with S. Heller) Sourcebook of Visual Ideas, 1989. Illustrator of children's books by J. Gill, E. Merriam, P. La Farge, O. deKay Jr., S. Kroll, D. Weaver, H. Ziefert, B.D. Goldin, D. Johnston. Illustrator of adult books by E. Heller and V. Levites, S. Heller, V. Perrone, D.K. Holland. Creator of illustrations, posters, typographic designs and animated commercials for print and television advertising, book jackets, record albums, packages, brochures and magazines, and art for theatrical productions. Address: c/o Pushpin Group Inc., 18 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003, U.S.A.