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Chicago Cab ★★ Hellcab 1998 (R)

This checkered sketch piece about a cab driver (Dillon) and the assorted passengers he picks up during a “normal” day never really pulls away from the curb. Despite cameos from actors such as John Cusack, Gillian Anderson and Laurie Metcalf, the passengers are nasty obnoxious stereotypes drawn to prove the point that other people are irritating. Will Kern adapted the screenplay from his original play “Hellcab.” 96m/C VHS . Paul Dillon, Gillian Anderson, John Cusack, Julianne Moore, Michael Ironside, John C. Reilly, Laurie Metcalf, Matt Roth, Shulle Cowen, Philip Van Lear, Michael Shannon; D: Mary Cybulski, John Tintori; W: Will Kern; C: Hubert Taczanowski; M: Page Hamilton.

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