Chasing Christmas

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Chasing Christmas ★ 2005 (PG)

Bah-humbug. Bitter divorcee Jack Cameron (Arnold) is a holiday Scrooge who comes to the attention of the Bureau of Yuletide Affairs. It's decided to “Dickens” him with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, only when peevish Past (Jordan) takes Jack back to his 1965 boyhood, he decides to take a sudden vacation and leaves Jack stranded. This means Present (Roth) has to fix the time-line and get Jack to see the error of his ways. Lame holiday humor, although seeing Arnold tied to a chair with Christmas lights is kinda funny. 90m/C DVD . Tom Arnold, Andrea Roth, Leslie Jordan, Jed Rees, Brittney Wilson; D: Ron Oliver; W: Todd Berger; C: C. Kim Miles; M: John Sereda. CABLE