Chasing Butterflies

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Chasing Butterflies ★★ La Chasse aux Papillons 1994

Society's decline is represented by a once-grand, now-decaying chateau, located in a small French village, and its equally decaying inhabitants. Marie-Agnes, confined to a wheelchair, is attended to by her cousin Solange and sullen maid Valerie. When Marie-Agnes suddenly dies, the greedy relatives descend, as well as untrustworthy antiques dealers, and Japanese businessmen interested in acquiring foreign real estate. The film is also an acquired taste. French with subtitles. 115m/C VHS . FR Thamar Taras-sachvili, Narda Blanchet, Pierrette Pompom Bail-hache, Alexandre Tcherkassoff; D: Otar Iosseliani; W: Otar Iosseliani.