Chaney, Jill

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CHANEY, Jill. (Jill Leeming). British, b. 1932. Genres: Children's fiction. Publications: On Primrose Hill, 1961; Half a Candle, 1968; A Penny for the Guy, 1970; Mottram Park, 1971; Christopher's Dig, 1972; Taking the Woffle to Pebblecombe on Sea, 1974; Return to Mottram Park, 1974; Woffle, R. A., 1976; Christopher's Find, 1976; The Buttercup Field, 1976; Canary Yellow, 1977; Angel Face, 1978; Vectis Diary, 1979; Leaving Mottram Park, 1989; Three Weeks in August, 1995. Address: Glen Rosa, Colleyland, Chorleywood, Herts., England.