Chaney, Edward (Paul de Gruyter)

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CHANEY, Edward (Paul de Gruyter)

CHANEY, Edward (Paul de Gruyter). British, b. 1951. Genres: History, Area studies, Travel/Exploration, Art/Art history, Humanities. Career: University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy, lecturer in English, 1979-85; Oxford University, Lincoln College, Oxford, England, research fellow in architectural history, 1985-90. Adjunct assistant professor at Charles A. Strong Center, Georgetown University Florence Program, Villa le Balze, Italy, 1982-83; part-time lecturer art history, Oxford Brookes University, 1991-96; historian, London Region of English Heritage, 1991-93. Publications: (ed. with N. Ritchie, and contrib.) Oxford, China, and Italy: Writings in Honour of Sir Harold Acton on His Eightieth Birthday, 1984; The Grand Tour and the Great Rebellion: Richard Lassels and the Voyage of Italy in the Seventeenth Century, 1985; (ed. with H. Acton) Florence: A Travellers' Companion, 1986; "Blue Guides" Series (author of introduction) P. Blanchard, ed., Southern Italy, 1982; (author of introduction) A. Macadam, ed., Sicily, 1988, rev. ed., 1990; (ed. with P. Mack) England and the Continental Renaissance, 1990; (ed. with P. Vassallo) Journal of Anglo-Italian Studies, vol. I, 1991, vol II, 1992; (ed. and contrib. with J. Bold) English Architecture: Public and Private, 1993; The Evolution of the Grand Tour, 1997. Contributor to booke. Contributor of articles to periodicals. Address: 40 Southfield Rd, Oxford OX4 1NZ, England.