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Catherine Cookson's Tilly Trotter ★★½ Tilly Trotter 1999

Tilly lives in rural England in the 1830s where the young woman is envied for her beauty by the local ladies and lusted after because of that same beauty by the local gentlemen. Accused of witchcraft, Tilly is rescued by a married farmer but there's another romance on the horizon as well. 210m/C VHS . GB Carli Norris, Simon Shepherd, Gavin Abbott, Madelaine Newton, Rosemary Leach, Basil Moss, Amelia Bullmore, Richard Dempsey; D: Alan Grint; W: Ray Marshall; C: Robin Vidgeon; M: Colin Towns. TV

Catherine Cookson's Tilly Trotter

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Catherine Cookson's Tilly Trotter