Cather, Willa: Principal Works

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April Twilights (poetry) 1903

The Troll Garden (short stories) 1905

Alexander's Bridge (novel) 1912

O Pioneers! (novel) 1913

The Song of the Lark (novel) 1915

My Ántonia (novel) 1918

Youth and the Bright Medusa (short stories) 1920

OneofOurs (novel) 1922

A Lost Lady (novel) 1923

The Professor's House (novel) 1925

My Mortal Enemy (novel) 1926

Death Comes for the Archbishop (novel) 1927

Shadows on the Rock (novel) 1931

Obscure Destinies (short stories) 1932

Lucy Gayheart (novel) 1935

Not under Forty (essays) 1936

The Novels and Stories of Willa Cather. 13 vols. (novels and short stories) 1937-41

Sapphira and the Slave Girl (novel) 1940

The Old Beauty, and Others (short stories) 1948

On Writing: Critical Studies on Writing as an Art (essays) 1949

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Cather, Willa: Principal Works

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