Catacombs 2007

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Catacombs ★ 2007

The running and screaming turns out to be remarkably boring. Nervous Victoria (Sossamon) heads to Paris to visit her naughty sister Caroline (Moore) who insists on taking her to a secret rave held in the catacombs, the limestone tunnels that run for miles under the city and that house the bones of the dead. Carolyn's friends scare Victoria with a legend about a satanic cult and a flesh-eating beast and when she's separated from the group, Victoria's convinced something is stalking her. 92m/C DVD . Shannyn Sossamon, Alicia Moore, Emil Hostina, Mihai Stanescu, Sandi Dragoi, Cabral Ibacka, Cain Manoli; D: Tomm Coker; W: David Elliot, Tomm Coker; C: Maxime Alexandre; M: Yoshiki Hayashi. VIDEO