Carter, Alden R(ichardson)

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CARTER, Alden R(ichardson)

CARTER, Alden R(ichardson). American, b. 1947. Genres: Novels, Young adult fiction, Children's non-fiction, History, Young adult non-fiction. Career: Writer. Taught high school English and journalism for four years in Marshfield, WI. Speaker at workshops. Publications: YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION: (with W.J. LeBlanc) Supercomputers, 1985; Modern China, 1986; (with LeBlanc) Modern Electronics, 1986; Radio: From Marconi to the Space Age, 1987; Illinois, 1987; The Shoshoni, 1989; Last Stand at the Alamo, 1990; Battle of Gettysburg, 1990; The Colonial Wars: Clashes in the Wilderness, 1992; The American Revolution: War for Independence, 1992; The War of 1812: Second Fight for Independence, 1992; The Mexican War: Manifest Destiny, 1992; The Civil War: American Tragedy, 1992; The Spanish-American War: Imperial Ambitions, 1992; Battle of the Ironclads: The Monitor and the Merrimack, 1993; China Past, China Future, 1994. THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION SERIES: Colonies in Revolt, 1988; Darkest Hours, 1988; At the Forge of Liberty, 1988; Birth of the Republic, 1988. YOUNG ADULT FICTION: Growing Season, 1984; Wart, Son of Toad, 1985; Sheila's Dying, 1987; Up Country, 1989; RoboDad, 1990, as Dancing on Dark Water, 1994; Dogwolf, 1994; Between a Rock and a Hard Place, 1995; Bull Catcher, 1997; Crescent Moon, 1999; Brother's Keeper, 2003. CHILDREN'S NONFICTION: (with S.M. Carter) I'm Tougher Than Asthma, 1996; Big Brother Dustin, 1997; Seeing Things My Way, 1998; Dustin's Big School Day, 1999; Stretching Ourselves: Kids with Cerebral Palsy, 2000; I'm Tougher Than Diabetes, 2001. FOR ADULTS. FICTION: Bright Starry Banner: A Novel of the Civil War, 2004. NONFICTION: (ed.) Auschwitz Veterinarian, 2003. Address: 1113 W Onstad Dr, Marshfield, WI 54449, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected];

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Carter, Alden R(ichardson)

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