Carpi, Daniel (V.)

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CARPI, Daniel (V.)

CARPI, Daniel (V.). Israeli (born Italy), b. 1926. Genres: History, Theology/Religion. Career: Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad, Jerusalem, Israel, teacher, 1951-58; Tel Aviv University, Israel, instructor, 1962-66, lecturer, 1966-68, senior lecturer, 1968-71, head of Institute for Zionist Research, 1968-73, 1983-84, 1992-94, associate professor, 1971-77, dean of Faculty of Humanities, 1972-75, Schapelsky Professor of Holocaust Studies, 1975-94, professor of Jewish history, 1977-94, head of School of Jewish Studies, 1984-85, department head, 1988-91, member of council of Diaspora Research Institute, 1992-, professor emeritus, 1994-. Visiting professor: Jewish Theological Seminary, NYC, 1976, Yeshiva University, 1976, Pontificia Universita Gregoriana, 1986; Oxford University, fellow in Sephardic studies at Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies and senior associate member of St. Antony's College, both 1977, 1992; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, head of Research Group in Sephardic Studies at Institute for Advanced Studies, 1987; Sorbonne, University of Paris, associate director of studies at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, 1989. Publications: Between Mussolini and Hitler, 1994; L'individuo e la collettivita, 2001. BOOKS IN HEBREW: The Minute-Book of the Jewish Community of Padua, 1577-1603, 1974, 1604-1630, 1979; The Activity of the "Italian Synagogue" of Venice on Behalf of the Jewish Communities of Eretz-Israel during the Years 1576-1733, 1978; R. Itzhak Min-Halleviyyim's "Medabber Tahpuchoth", 1985; R. Yehuda Aryeh Mi-Modena's "Chayye' Yehuda," 1985; Between Renaissance and Ghetto, 1989; Zeev Jabotinsky's Letters, Vol I: 1898-1914, 1992, Vol II: 1914-1918, 1995, Vol III: 1918-1922, 1997, Vol IV: 1922-1925, 1998, Vol V: 1926-1927, 2000, Vol VI: 1928-1929, 2002; Ben Shevet le-Hesed, The Italian Authorities and the Jews of France and Tunisia during the Second World War, 1993; The Minutes Book of the "Italian" Jewish Community of Venice, 2003. Editor of books in Hebrew and English. Contributor to books and scholarly journals. Address: 2 Geiger St, 69341 Tel Aviv, Israel.