Cannon, Garland

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CANNON, Garland

CANNON, Garland. American, b. 1924. Genres: Language/Linguistics, Bibliography, Biography. Career: Columbia University, NYC, Teachers Coll., assistant professor, 1959-62; City University of New York, associate professor, 1963-66; Texas A&M University, College Station, professor of English and linguistics, 1966-, now emeritus, with visiting professorships at universities worldwide. Publications: Sir William Jones: Orientalist, 1952; Oriental Jones, 1964; A History of the English Language, 1972; An Integrated Transformational Grammar of English, 1978; Sir William Jones: A Secondary and Primary Bibliography, 1979; Historical Change and English Word-Formation, 1987; The Life and Mind of Oriental Jones, 1990; (with J.A. Pfeffer) German Loanwords in English, 1994; Arabic Loanwords in English, 1994; Japanese Loanwords in English, 1996; (with A. Kaye) Persian Loan-words in English, 2001. EDITOR: The Letters of Sir William Jones, 2 vols., 1970; The Collected Works of Sir William Jones, 13 vols., 1993; (with K. Brine) Objects of Enquiry: The Life and Mind of Sir William Jones, 1995. Address: Dept. of English, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843, U.S.A.