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BRENNAN, J(ames) H(erbert)

BRENNAN, J(ames) H(erbert). Also writes as Herbie Brennan, Cornelius Rumstuckle, Maria Palmer, Jan Brennan. Irish, b. 1940. Genres: Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction, Science fiction/Fantasy, Paranormal. Career: Writer and lecturer. Full-time author, 1973-. Worked as a journalist, newspaper and magazine editor, hypnotherapist, counselor, marketer, and director of an advertising firm. Facilitator of seminars. Creator of computer software. Developer of boxed games. Publications: FOR CHILDREN. Marcus Mustard, 1994; The Mystery Machine, 1995; Blood Brothers, 1996; (as Cornelius Rumstuckle) The Book of Wizardry: The Apprentice's Guide to the Secrets of the Wizard's Guild, 2003. BARMY JEFFERS SERIES: Barmy Jeffers and the Quasimodo Walk, 1988; Return of Barmy Jeffers and the Quasimodo Walk, 1988; Barmy Jeffers and the Shrinking Potion, 1989. ICE AGE SERIES: Shiva: An Adventure of the Ice Age, 1989; The Crone: An Adventure of the Ice Age, 1990, in US as Shiva Accused: An Adventure of the Ice Age, 1991; Ordeal by Poison, 1992, in US as Shiva's Challenge: An Adventure of the Ice Age, 1992. HORRORSCOPE SERIES: (as Maria Palmer) Capricorn's Children, 1995; Cancer: The Black Death, 1995; The Gravediggers, 1996. FANTASY GAME BOOKS. SAGAS OF THE DEMON-SPAWN SERIES: Demonspawn, 1984; Fire Wolf, 1984; The Crypts of Terror, 1984; Demonstration, 1984; Ancient Evil, 1985; Demondoom, 1985. GRAILQUEST SERIES; The Castle of Darkness, 1984; The Den of Dragons, 1984; The Gateway of Doom, 1984; Voyage of Terror, 1985; Kingdom of Horror, 1985; Realm of Chaos, 1986; Tomb of Nightmares, 1986; Legion of the Dead, 1987. OTHER FANTASY GAME BOOKS: The Curse of Frankenstein, 1986; Dracula's Castle, 1986; Monster Horrorshow, 1987. NONFICTION: Mindpower 1: Succeed at School, 1990; Mindpower 2: Make Yourself a Success, 1990; The Young Ghost Hunter's Guide, 1990. FOR ADULTS. PARAPSYCHOLOGY: Discover Astral Projection: How to Achieve Out-of-Body Experiences, 1970, as The Astral Projection Workbook, 1989; Mindreach, 1985; Discover Reincarnation, 1992, in US as Discover Your Past Lives: A Practical Course, 1994. ESOTERIC WRITINGS: Astral Doorways, 1971, rev. ed, 1991; Five Keys to Past Lives, 1971, as Reincarnation: Five Keys to Past Lives, 1981; Experimental Magic, 1972; Beyond the Fourth Dimension, 1975; The Reincarnation Workbook: A Complete Course in Recalling Past Lives, 1989; (with E. Campbell) Aquarian Guide to the New Age, 1990, rev. ed. as Dictionary of Mind, Body, and Spirit: Ideas, People, and Places, 1994; Nostradamus: Visions of the Future, 1992; Ancient Spirit, 1993; Magick for Beginners: The Power to Change Your World, 1998; The Magical I Ching, 2000; (with D. Ashcroft-Nowicki) Magical Use of Thought Forms: A Proven System of Mental and Spiritual Empowerment, 2001; Occult Tibet: Secret Practices of Himalayan Magic, 2002. NONFICTION: The Occult Reich, 1974; An Occult History of the World, Vol. 1, 1976; Power Play, 1977; Getting What You Want: Power Play Techniques for Achieving Success, 1977, in UK as How to Get Where You Want to Go, 1991; The Good Con Guide (humor), 1978; Getting Rich: A Beginner's Manual, 1988; A Guide to Megalithic Ireland, 1994; Time Travel: A New Perspective, 1997. FICTION: The Greythorn Woman 1979; Dark Moon, 1980; (as Jan Brennan) Dream of Destiny, 1980. AS HERBIE BRENNAN. FOR CHILDREN. FANTASY GAME BOOKS: Aztec Quest, 1997; Egyptian Quest, 1997. NONFICTION FOR CHILDREN: Memory, 1997; Seriously Weird True Stories, 1997; Seriously Weird True Stories 2, 1998; Alien Contact, 1998; The Internet, 1998; Techno-Future, 2000; Space Quest: 111 Peculiar Questions Answered, 2003; A Spy's Handbook, 2003. INFORMATIONAL BOOKS FOR SCHOOLS: The Death of the Dinosaurs, 2001; Dr. Jenner and the Cow Pox, 2001; How to Remember Absolutely Everything, 2001; Leonardo da Vinci: The Greatest Genius Who Ever Lived?, 2001; Why Do Cats Purr?, 2001. FICTION: Emily and the Werewolf, 1993; Bad Manners Day, 1996; Dorothy's Ghost, 1996; Little House, 1996; The Thing from Knucker Hole, 1996; Mario Scumbini and the Big Pig Swipe, 1996; Kookabura Dreaming, 1997; Letters from a Mouse, 1997; Jennet's Tale: A Story about the Great Plague, 2000; Final Victory, 2000; Zartog's Remote, 2000; Fairy Nuff: A Tale of Bluebell Wood, 2001; Nuff Said: The New Bluebell Wood Adventure, in US as Nuff Said: Another Tale of Bluebell Wood, 2002; Frankenstella and the Video Shop Monster, in US as Frankenstella and the Video Store Monster, 2002; Faerie Wars, 2003. EDDIE THE DUCK SERIES: Eddie the Duck, 1998; Eddie and the Bad Egg, 1998; Eddie and the Dirty Dogs, 2001. FOR ADULTS. ESOTERIC: The Little Book of Nostradamus: Prophecies for the Twenty-First Century, 1999. NONFICTION: Martian Genesis: The Extraterrestrial Origins of the Human Race, 1998; The Atlantis Enigma, 1999; The Secret History of Ancient Egypt: Electricity, Sonics, and the Disappearance of an Advanced Civilization, 2000; Death: The Great Mystery of Life, 2002. Contributor of short stories to collections of science fiction. Contributor of science-fiction stories to periodicals. Contributor of humorous short fiction and romances to periodicals. Address: c/o Sophie Hicks, Ed Victor Ltd., 6 Bayley St., Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HB, England. Online address:

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