Bottoms Up

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Bottoms Up woof! 2006 (R)

Bottom of the barrel is more like it. Owen (Mewes) heads to L.A. to enter a bartending contest in hopes of using the winnings to save his dad's restaurant. Things don't exactly work out and Owen's uncle (Keith) gets him a job with actor Hayden (Hallisay) and his vapid girlfriend, Lisa (a typecast Hilton). When Owen learns a few tabloid-worthy secrets, he has to decide whether to sell out his new pals for the much-needed cash. Even Mewes can't work up much enthusiasm for this mess. 89m/C DVD . Jason Mewes, Paris Hilton, David Keith, Phil Morris, Brian Hallisay, Jon Abrahams, Tim Thomerson; D: Erik MacArthur; W: Erik MacArthur, Nick Ballo; C: Massimo Zeri. VIDEO