Born Yesterday 1950

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Born Yesterday ★★★½ 1950

Ambitious junk dealer Harry Brock (Crawford) is in love with smart but uneducated Billie Dawn (Holliday). He hires newspaperman Paul Verrall (Holden) to teach her the finer points of etiquette. During their sessions, they fall in love and Billie realizes how she has been used by Brock. She retaliates against him and gets to deliver that now-famous line: “Do me a favor, drop dead.” Holliday is a solid gold charmer as the not-so-dumb blonde, in the role she originated in Garson Kanin's Broadway play. Remade in 1993. 103m/B VHS, DVD . Judy Holliday, Broderick Crawford, William Holden, Howard St. John, Frank Otto, Larry Oliver, Barbara Brown; D: George Cukor; W: Albert Mann-heimer; C: Joseph Walker; M: Frederick “Fried-rich” Hollander. Oscars '50: Actress (Holliday); Golden Globes '51: Actress—Mus./Comedy (Holli-day).