The Bogus Witch Project

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The Bogus Witch Project ★ 2000 (R)

In the long and ignoble history of cheap parodies, this is surely one of the cheapest. It's a series of short films—sketches and blackouts, really—that use the premise of the original “Blair Witch” film to poke fun at the movie biz. Here's the preface to one: “In August 1999, three out-of-work actors disappeared in the woods near Sherman Oaks, California, while looking for Blair Underwood to give him a script. Twenty-four hours later, their footage was found and turned into a vehicle for shameless self-promotion.” The episode starring Pauly Shore is the weakest of the weak. Funnier bits appear between spoofs. 85m/C DVD . Pauly Shore, Michael Ian Black; D: Victor Kargan; M: Carvin Knowles.