Blank Check

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Blank Check ★ Disney's Blank Check 1993 (PG)

Parents may want to verify the whereabouts of their checkbooks after this one. Eleven-year-old Preston receives a blank check from a mobster on the run, cashes it for a million bucks, and goes on a spending orgy under an assumed name. Where are his parents? Apparently they don't have a problem with a shadowy benefactor taking their son under his wing. Sound familiar? And who thought it would be a good idea to have the little twerp mooning after a comely bank teller? Formula aside, this blatant rip-off of “Home Alone” tries to throw in an ending moral but probably won't fool the kids either. 93m/C VHS, DVD . Brian Bonsall, Miguel Ferrer, Michael Lerner, Tone Loc, Ric(k) Ducommun, Karen Duffy; D: Rupert Wainwright; W: Colby Carr, Blake Snyder; M: Nicholas Pike.

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