Black Widow 1954

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Black Widow ★★ 1954

Rogers gets cast against type as heartless Broadway diva Lottie, who's mixed-up in the death of secretive aspiring writer Nanny (Garner). But since the gal died in the apartment of producer Peter (Heflin), he's suspect numero uno, according to Detective Bruce (Raft). And that doesn't make Peter's actress wife Iris (Tierney) too happy. 95m/C DVD . Ginger Rogers, Van Heflin, Gene Tierney, George Raft, Peggy Ann Garner, Reginald Gardiner, Virginia Leith, Otto Kruger, Cath-leen Nesbitt, Skip Homeier; D: Nunnally Johnson; W: Nunnally Johnson; C: Charles Clarke; M: Leigh Harline.