Barb Wire

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Barb Wire ★½ 1996 (R)

“Don't call me babe!” That'll be difficult when the figure in question is Anderson Lee's bigscreen take on Dark Horse comic book heroine Barb Wire. Barb runs the sleazy Hammerhead Bar & Grille in Steel Harbor, the only neutral city in an America torn by a second civil war, and reluctantly agrees to aid hunky resistance leader Axel (Morrison) on a dangerous peace mission. Pambo gives Stallone a fight for the action title—fetching in high heels and black leather—with lots of fire power and a takenoprisoners attitude. Plot's secondary to pulchritude but, unfortunately, the movie's just not a lotta fun. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Pamela Anderson, Temuera Morrison, Jack Noseworthy, Victoria Rowell, Xander Berkeley, Udo Kier, Steve Railsback, Clint Howard, Tony Bill; D: David Hogan; W: Chuck Pfarrer, Ilene Chaiken; C: Rick Bota; M: Michel Colombier. Golden Raspberries '96: Worst New Star (Anderson).