Banjo Hackett

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Banjo Hackett ★★½ Banjo Hack ett: Roamin' Free 1976

Banjo (Meredith) and his orphaned nephew (Eisenmann) travel the West in search of a rare Arabian horse that was stolen from the boy's mother be fore she died. Also in pursuit are a million aire and a devious bounty hunter who will stop at nothing to capture the missing steed. Although the storyline is as ram bling as the West, it's heartfelt all the same. 100m/C DVD . Don Meredith, Ike Eisen mann, Carol Connors, Gloria De Haven, Jeff Co rey, L.Q. Jones, Jan Murray, Dan O'Herlihy, Jenni fer Warren, David Young, Richard Young, Anne Francis, Slim Pickens; D: Andrew V. McLaglen; W: Ken Trevey; C: Al Francis; M: Morton Stevens.