Axe 2006

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Axe woof! Greed 2006

Underwear acting. Babes Raven and Ashley (who spend a lot of time in their scanties) hit a desert bar after a rock-climbing expedition. After being harassed by a biker gang, they steal one of the bikes and wind up at a lonely motel with a satchel of cash. Oh, and there's an escaped con, Ivan the Axeman, on the loose as well. London has limited screen time as the bar owner in this incredibly stupid mishmash of genres. 92m/C DVD . Tim Sitarz, Jason London, Joe Goodrich, Andrea Bogart, Darlena Tejeiro; D: Ron Wolotzky; W: Eyal Sher, Dred Ross; C: Moshe Levin, Scott Carrithers; M: Erik Godal, Mark Fontana. VIDEO