Axe 1974

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Axe ★½ Lisa, Lisa; California Axe Massacre 1974 (R)

After a group of thugs kill a man (on an embarrassingly shoddy set), they flee to the country, where they take over a farmhouse. The only residents of this farmhouse are a young girl, Lisa (Lee), and her invalid grandfather. The criminals force Lisa to cook a chicken dinner (NO!) and then generally terrorize the girl and her grandfather. Eventually, Lisa (who is actively hallucinating throughout this episode) gets the titular axe and seeks her revenge. The film is slow and boring, and the sub-amateur acting doesn't help. The only positive aspect is the suspense that mounts over the course of the movie. Having seen films like this before, and given the fact that nothing else is happening, the audience knows that Lisa is going to strike back at some time. 68m/C DVD . Leslie Lee, Jack Canon, Frederick Friedel, Frank Jones; D: Frederick Friedel; W: Frederick Friedel; C: Austin McKinney.