Ashes and Diamonds

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Ashes and Diamonds ★★★½ Popiol i Diament 1958

In the closing days of WWII, young Polish resistance fighter Maciek (Cybulski) is sent to a small town to assassinate a Communist Party official. Waiting around in a hotel, Maciek romances the beautiful barmaid, Krystyna (Krzysewska), and questions the meaning of struggle. A seminal Eastern European masterpiece that defined a generation of pre-solidarity Poles. The last installment of the trilogy that includes “A Generation” and “Kanal” and based on a novel by Jerzy Andrzewski. Polish with subtitles. 105m/ B VHS, DVD . PL Zbigniew Cybulski, Eva Krzyzewska, Adam Pawlikowski, Bogumil Kobiela, Waclaw Zastrzezynski; D: Andrzej Wajda; W: Andrzej Wajda, Jerzy Andrzejewski; C: Jerzy Wojcik; M: Jan Krenz, Filip Nowak.

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Ashes and Diamonds

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