Asher, Isaiah ben Moses Ha-Levi

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ASHER, ISAIAH BEN MOSES HA-LEVI (1849–1912), traveler and Hebrew writer. Born in Galicia, Asher traveled throughout Europe in his youth and in 1873 set off on a journey to the Orient where he spent the rest of his life. Working as a shopkeeper and cobbler, he lived in Burma and Calcutta (1885–1900), then in 1902 moved to Darjeeling. He was a prolific writer of Hebrew poetry and prose, especially essays on psychology, history, and religion, including commentaries on the Psalms, Esther, and Song of Songs. All his works remain in manuscript form (Sassoon collection) except part of his autobiography (covering the years 1866–68) which was published in 1938.


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Asher, Isaiah ben Moses Ha-Levi

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