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Americathon woof! 1979 (PG)

It is the year 1998 and the United States is almost bankrupt, so President Chet Roosevelt decides to stage a telethon to keep the country from going broke. Interesting satiric premise with a diverse cast, but a poor script and slack pacing spoil all the fun. The soundtrack features music by The Beach Boys and Elvis Costello while the narration is by George Carlin. 85m/C VHS . Terence McGovern, Allan Arbus, David Opatoshu, John Lone, Cybill Shepherd, Dorothy Stratten, Peter Riegert, John Ritter, Nancy Morgan, Harvey Korman, Fred Willard, Meat Loaf Aday, Elvis Costello, Chief Dan George, Howard Hesseman, Jay Leno; Cameos: Tommy Lasorda, Peter Marshall; D: Neal Israel; W: Monica Johnson, Neal Israel; M: Earl Brown Jr.; Nar: George Carlin.

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