America 1924

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America ★★½ 1924

Young patriot Nathan Holden (Hamilton) is torn between his political beliefs and his love for the daughter of a Virignia Tory (Dempster). Meanwhile, evil redcoat Captain Butler (Barrymore) and his band of murderous Mohawks ruthlessly attack the colonists. 141m/B VHS, DVD . Neil Hamilton, Carol Dempster, Lionel Barrymore, Erville Alderson, Charles Bennett, Arthur Donaldson, Charles Mack, Frank McGlynn, Henry O'Neill, Ed Roseman, Harry Semels, Louis Wolheim, Hugh Baird, Lee Beggs, Downing Clarke, Sydney Deane, Arthur Dewey, Michael Donavan, Paul Doucet, John Dunton, Riley Hatch, Emil Hoch, Edwin Holland, W.W. Jones, William S. Rising, Frank Walsh; D: D.W. Griffith; W: Robert W. Chambers; C: Marcel Le Picard, Hendrik Sartov, Billy (G.W.) Bitzer.