Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse

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Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse ★★★ 1938

Satirical gangster saga has criminologist Dr. Clitterhouse (Robinson) so fascinated by crime that he commits a few jewel robberies just to test out that bad guy rush. He contacts a fence, luscious Jo Keller (Trevor), who gets Clitterhouse an in with gangster Rocks Valentine (Bogart). Clitterhouse sucessfully masterminds some heists for Valentine—who becomes jealous of Clitterhouse's brain power and things just get more wacky from there (including a farcical trial). This is definitely Robinson's show. 87m/B VHS . Edward G. Robinson, Claire Trevor, Humphrey Bogart, Gale Page, Donald Crisp, Maxie “Slapsie” Rosenbloom, Thurston Hall, Allen Jenkins, John Litel, Henry O'Neill, Ward Bond, Curt Bois; D: Anatole Litvak; W: John Huston, John Wexley; C: Gaetano Antonio “Tony” Gaudio; M: Max Steiner.