Alpha Male

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Alpha Male ★★½ 2006

The time switch between the present and 10 years in the past can be confusing but this is an otherwise decent family drama. Wealthy Jim (Huston) has made a good life for wife Alice (Ehle) and their two children, despite his temper and domineering attitude. After Jim dies from cancer, officious son Jack (Wells) takes it badly when Alice decides to remarry, especially since widower Clive (Baladi) is his father's polar opposite. The situation comes to a boil when Alice throws Jack a lavish 21st birthday party. 100m/C DVD . GB Danny Huston, Jennifer Ehle, Amelia Warner, Christopher Egan, Mark Wells, Patrick Baladi, Trudie Styler; D: Dan Wilde; W: Dan Wilde; C: Shane Daly; M: Stephen Warbeck.