Alpha Dog

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Alpha Dog ★★ 2006 (R)

True crime saga resulting from sheer stupidity. Wannabe white gangsta drug dealer Johnny Truelove (Hirsch) feels dissed when customer Jake (Foster) refuses to pay his tab. So Johnny and his equally wasted posse take advantage of a run-in with Jake's naive 15-year-old half brother Zack (Yelchin) and decide to hold him as collateral. Cohort Frankie (a convincing Timberlake) becomes Zack's defacto babysitter and introduces him to their indulgent SoCal life—that is until someone finally realizes that kidnapping is a serious crime. A “River's Edge” for 21st-century teens. 117m/C DVD, HD DVD . US Emile Hirsch, Justin Timber-lake, Ben Foster, Anton Yelchin, Shawn Hatosy, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, David Thornton, Fernando Vargas, Amanda Seyfried, Dominique Swain, Olivia Wilde, Lukas Haas, Vincent Kartheiser, Harry Dean Stanton, Alex Kingston, Heather Wahlquist; D: Nick Cassavetes; W: Nick Cassavetes; C: Robert Fraisse; M: Aaron Zigman.