Allie & Me

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Allie & Me ★★ 1997

Gullible beautician Allie (Baron) wants to make some changes in her life but doesn't quite expect what happens when she teams up with wronged wife Michelle (Benson). They decide to take out their frustrations by committing a burglary but find the Beverly Hills abode occupied by stud Rodney (Wilder), whom they take as a hostage, and then Allie decides to fall in love with him. Lots of recognizable faces but the comedy doesn't quite come together. 86m/ C VHS, DVD . Joanne Baron, Lyndie Benson, James Wilder, Steven Prince, Ed Lauter, Lainie Kazan, Dyan Cannon, Harry Hamlin, Julianne Phillips; D: Michael Rymer; W: Michael Rymer; C: Rex Nicholson.

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Allie & Me

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