All the King's Men 1949

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All the King's Men ★★★★ 1949

Grim and graphic classic set in the Depression follows the rise of a Louisiana farm-boy from angry and honest political hopeful to powerful but corrupt governor. Loosely based on the life (and death) of Huey Long and told by a newsman who's followed his career (Ireland). Willy Stark (Crawford, in his break-through role) is the politician who, while appearing to improve the state, rules dictatorially, betraying friends and constituents and proving once again that power corrupts. In her first major role, McCambridge delivers a powerful performance as the cunning political aide. Potent morality play based on the Robert Penn Warren book. 109m/B VHS, DVD . Broderick Crawford, Mercedes McCambridge, John Ireland, Joanne Dru, John Derek, Anne Seymour, Shepperd Strudwick; D: Robert Rossen; W: Robert Rossen; C: Burnett Guffey; M: Louis Gruenberg. Oscars '49: Actor (Crawford), Picture, Support. Actress (McCambridge); Golden Globes '50: Actor—Drama (Crawford), Director (Rossen), Film—Drama, Support. Actress (McCambridge), Natl. Film Reg. '01;; N.Y. Film Critics ’49: Actor (Crawford), Film.