All the Young Men

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All the Young Men ★★★ 1960

Fairly powerful men-uniting-in-battle story with an interesting cast, highlighted by Poitier in an early role. A tiny marine squadron overrun by the Chinese in the Korean War attempts to resist the numerous attackers. In their spare time, the men confront racial prejudice when a black man (guess who) takes command. 86m/B VHS . Alan Ladd, Sidney Poitier, James Darren, Glenn Corbett, Mort Sahl, Ana St. Clair, Paul (E.) Richards, Richard (Dick) Davalos, Lee Kinsolving, Joseph (Joe) Gallison, Paul Baxley, Charles Quinlivan, Michael Davis; D: Hall Bartlett; W: Hall Bartlett; C: Daniel F. Fapp; M: George Duning.