All You Need Is Cash

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All You Need Is Cash ★★★ The Rutles 1978

“The Rutles” star in this parody of The Beatles' legend, from the early days of the “Pre-Fab Four” in Liverpool to their worldwide success. A marvelous pseudo-documentary, originally shown on NBC-TV and with various SNL alumni, which captures the development of the Beatles and '60s rock with devastating effect. Served as the inspiration for “This Is Spinal Tap.” 70m/C VHS, DVD . GB Eric Idle, Neil Innes, Ricky Fataar, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, John Belushi, George Harrison, Paul Simon, Mick Jagger, John Halsey, Michael Palin, Bianca Jagger, Bill Murray, Gwen Taylor, Ron Wood, Jeannette Charles, Al Franken, Lorne Michaels, Tom Davis; D: Gary Weis, Eric Idle; W: Eric Idle; C: Gary Weis; M: Neil Innes. TV