All That Jazz

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All That Jazz ★★★½ 1979 (R)

Fosse's autobiographical portrait with Scheider fully occupying his best role as the obsessed, pill-popping, chain-smoking choreographer/director dancing simultaneously with love and death. But even while dying, he creates some great dancing. Vivid and imaginative with exact editing, and an eerie footnote to Fosse's similar death almost ten years later. Egocentric and self-indulgent for sure, but that's entertainment. ♫On Broadway; Everything Old is New Again; After You've Gone; There'll Be Some Changes Made; Some of These Days; Bye Bye Love. 120m/C VHS, DVD . Roy Scheider, Jessica Lange, Ann Reinking, Leland Palmer, Cliff Gorman, Ben Vereen, Erzebet Foldi, John Lithgow, Max Wright, Deborah Geffner, Michael (Lawrence) Tolan, Keith Gordon, David Margulies, Nicole Fosse, Anthony Holland; D: Bob Fosse; W: Bob Fosse, Robert Alan Aurthur; C: Giuseppe Rotunno; M: Ralph Burns. Oscars '79: Art Dir./Set Dec., Costume Des., Film Editing, Orig. Song Score and/or Adapt.; Cannes '80: Film, Natl. Film Reg. '01.