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ALIKI. (Aliki Brandenberg). American, b. 1929. Genres: Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction, Illustrations. Publications: The Story of William Tell, 1961; The Wish Workers, 1962; My Five Senses, 1962; My Hands, 1962; The Story of Johnny Appleseed, 1963; The Story of William Penn, 1964; George and the Cherry Tree, 1964; A Weed Is a Flower, 1965; Keep Your Mouth Closed, Dear, 1966; Three Gold Pieces, 1967, Hush Little Baby, 1968; Diogenes, 1969; The Eggs, 1969; My Visit to the Dinosaurs, 1969; Fossils Tell of Long Ago, 1972; June 7, 1972; The Long Lost Coelacanth and Other Living Fossils, 1973; Go Tell Aunt Rhody, 1974; Green Grass and White Milk, 1974; At Mary Bloom's 1976; Corn Is Maize, 1976; The Many Lives of Benjamin Franklin, 1977; Wild and Wooly Mammoths, 1977; The Twelve Months, 1978; Mummies Made in Egypt, 1979; The Two of Them, 1979; Digging Up Dinosaurs, 1981; We Are Best Friends, 1982; Use Your Head, Dear, 1983; A Medieval Feast, 1983; Feelings, 1984; Dinosaurs Are Different, 1985; Jack and Jake, 1986; How a Book is Made, 1986; Overnight at Mary Bloom's, 1987; Welcome Little Baby, 1987; Dinosaur Bones, 1988; The King's Day, 1989; My Feet, 1990; Manners, 1990; Christmas Tree Memories, 1991; I'm Growing, 1992; Communication, 1993; My Visit to the Aquarium, 1993; Gods and Goddesses of Olympus, 1994; Tabby, 1995; Best Friends Together Again, 1995; Those Summers, 1996; Hello!, Goodbye!, 1996; My Visit to the Zoo, 1997; Marianthe's Story: Painted Words. Spoken Memories, 1998; William Shakespeare and the Globe, 1999; All by Myself!, 2000; One Little Spoonful, 2001; Ah, Music, 2003. Illustrator of books by F. Brandenberg, H. Clare, M.K. Phelan, P. Showers, etc. Address: 17 Regent's Park Terrace, London NWl 7ED, England.

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