Alice et Martin

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Alice et Martin ★★½ Alice and Martin 1998 (R)

Director Andre Techine examines the complexity of relationships through the lives of nervous violinist Alice (Binoche) and psychologically fragile model Martin (Loret). The story opens in Martin's childhood, when he is sent by his free-spirited mother to live with his cold and distant father Victor (Maguelon). Martin flees his father's house after an unrevealed trauma, showing up at the door of his half-brother Benjamin (Amalric), who is Alice's roommate. Despite initial reluctance from Alice, the pair become lovers. During a trip to Spain Alice tells Martin that she's pregnant, and he goes off the deep end, haunted by memories of his father and the fateful event that will continue to affect their lives. Slow-moving but beautifully filmed. 123m/C VHS . FR SP Juliette Binoche, Alexis Loret, Carmen Maura, Pierre Maguelon, Mathieu Amalric; D: Andre Techine; W: Andre Techine, Gilles Taurand, Olivier Assayas; C: Caroline Champetier; M: Philippe Sarde.