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ALEXANDER, Jeffrey C(harles)

ALEXANDER, Jeffrey C(harles). American, b. 1947. Genres: Sociology, Anthropology/Ethnology. Career: Sociologist, educator, and writer. University of California-Berkeley, lecturer, 1974-76; University of California-Los Angeles, assistant professor, 1976-81, full professor, 1981-2001, chair, sociology department, 1989-92, professor emeritus, beginning 2001; Yale University, professor of sociology, 2001-. Visiting professor at European universities. Publications: Theoretical Logic in Sociology, 1982; Twenty Lectures: Sociological Theory since World War II, 1987; Action and Its Environments: Toward a New Synthesis, 1988; Structure and Meaning: Relinking Classical Sociology, 1989; Fin de Siecle Social Theory: Relativism, Reduction, and the Problem of Reason, 1995; The Meanings of a Social Life: A Cultural Sociology, 2003. EDITOR: Neofunctionalism, 1985; The Micro-Macro Link, 1987; Durkheimian Sociology: Cultural Studies, 1988; (with S. Seidman) Culture and Society: Contemporary Debates, 1990; (with P. Colomy) Differentiation Theory and Social Change: Comparative and Historical Perspectives, 1990; (with P. Sztompka) Rethinking Progress: Movements, Forces, and Ideas at the End of the 20th Century, 1990; (with R. Boudon and M. Cherkaoui) The Classical Tradition in Sociology: The American Tradition, 1997; Neofunctionalism and After, 1998; Real Civil Societies: Dilemmas of Institutionalization, 1998; (with N.J. Smelser) Diversity and Its Discontents: Cultural Conflict and Common Ground in Contemporary American Society, 1999; Mainstream and Critical Social Theory: Classical, Modern, and Contemporary, 2001; (with P. Smith) The Cambridge Companion to Durkheim, 2004. Contributor to books. Address: Department of Sociology, Yale University, PO Box 208265, New Haven, CT 06520, U.S.A. Online address:

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Alexander, Jeffrey C(harles)

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