Mary of Brabant (c. 1191–c. 1260)

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Mary of Brabant (c. 1191–c. 1260)

Countess of Brabant and Holy Roman empress . Name variations: Marie of Brabant; Marie de Brabant. Born around 1191; died after March 9, 1260; daughter of Henry I (1165–1235), duke of Brabant, and Maude of Alsace (1163–c. 1210); became second wife of Otto IV of Brunswick (c. 1183–1218), earl of York, count of Ponthieu, duke of Bavaria, and Holy Roman emperor (c. 1198–1214), in 1213 or 1214 (Otto was deposed in 1215); children: none.

Mary of Brabant was the second wife of Otto IV, Holy Roman emperor; he had previously been married to Beatrice of Swabia (1198–1235). Otto was deposed in 1215 and died in 1218, and Mary of Brabant did not remarry. When Countess Matilda de Dammartin died in 1258, Mary ruled Brabant briefly for that year. Eventually, the fief of Boulogne was passed on to Robert VI, count of Auvergne.

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Mary of Brabant (c. 1191–c. 1260)

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