Mahaut II de Dampierre (1234–1266)

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Mahaut II de Dampierre (1234–1266)

Countess of Tonnerre who ruled Bourbon (1249–1262) and Nevers (1257–1266) . Name variations: Baroness Mahaut; countess of Tonnere; Mahaut II de Bourbon. Born in 1234; died in 1266 (some sources cite 1262); daughter of Mahaut I (r. 1215–1242) and her second husband Gui II de Dampierre; sister of Agnes de Dampierre; married Eudes de Bourgogne or Eudes (1230–1266), count of Nevers, in 1248; children: Yolande of Burgundy (1248–1280); Marguerite de Bourgogne (1250–1308); Alix of Burgundy (1251–1290, who married John I, count d'Auxerre and Tonnerre).

Mahaut II de Dampierre succeeded to the throne of Bourbon upon the death of Baron Archambaud VII, who died in 1249. She also succeeded her grandmother, Countess Mahaut de Courtenay , who ruled Nevers from 1182 to 1257. In 1262, Mahaut II was replaced by her sister Agnes de Dampierre as ruler of Bourbon, although she remained ruler of Nevers until her death in 1266, after which the throne went to her daughter Yolande of Burgundy .

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